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Led Zeppelin Colour Snapshots

Led Zeppelin / New Yardbirds Colour Snapshots

Signed Colour Snapshots Of Led Zeppellin

A set of four vintage colour snapshot photographs of Led Zeppelin, then known as the New Yardbirds that were taken in Gothenburg, Sweden during the groups first tour of Scandinavia on 15th September 1968.

The group were in the city to perform at Liseberg Amusement Park. The images are the earliest known colour photographs of the group.

Each band member has signed their respective photograph on the front in black felt tipped pen.

Jimmy Page has also drawn a beard on his face. The John Paul Jones autograph was signed on July 29th 2004 at the Independent Theatre in San Francisco, USA.

Each photograph measures approximately 9cm x 9cm (3.5 inches x 3.5 inches).

Excellent condition.

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